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Money Saving Wednesday: How to save at Martins

This Wednesday I wanted to share some tips and tricks for saving money at Martin's Grocery Store:

Ways to Save:

1. Apply and Carry Martin's Store Loyalty Card
***If you don't like carrying them on your key chain download a Key Ring app or carry them in your coupon binder

2.Look for the Saving Machine at the north end location.

  • Scan your card
  • receive coupons good for that day on Produce, deli, floral, ect
3.Look for the Discontinured Item take
  • You can match these items up with a coupons
  • Throughout the store so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!
4.Shop the Reduced Bread and Bakery Shelf by the bathrooms!

  • This bread is always 50% or more discounted
  • Freeze as soon as you get home and it will last for up to a month or so
  • Make croutons!

5. Check for Clearanced Items in the Freezer section
6.Shop Evenings or early mornings to get first dibs on marked down meats in the end cases.

7. Go on line and make an accout at
    You will have access to

  • E-coupons
  • Grocery lists
  • current sales flyer
  • history of what you purchased and prices
  • total amount of savings for the year
If you incoorporate all of this into your shopping trips and check back each week for the Monday match-ups you will be looking at saving 50-60% on each grocery trip! I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on...well anything nifty or thrifty!