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Plan With Me: Plum Paper Family Planner

Plan with me video for Plum Paper Family Planner

You all know that I am a paper planner addict! I think many of you are too because you love seeing my photos of my Plum Paper Family Planner on Instagram and Facebook.

In all honestly I love paper planning for two reasons

  1. It keeps me organized and from missing important dates!
  2. It helps me relax and release my creativity with decorating the pages

I don't do many things that are a creative release because I am not very crafty. However, I have found paper planning fills that gap for me.


A Mommy Story

Greetings all! I just wanted to explain why you haven't heard much out of us lately.

Friday morning around 5 am I had to take my littlest man to the ER. He had been seen at his pediatricians office Wednesday and left with being prescribed breathing treatments every 4 hours until better. Friday we woke up nice an early 4 am to have a breathing treatment, Colton is 4 months and didn't mind the treatments so that made it very nice! In the middle of this his breathing became very labored and his little stomach was moving at a rapid pace, which, is a bad sign for anyone. I debated over finishing the treatment, I mentally talked it through (no one was up yet), and decided that I needed to take him to the ER. I woke up the big man of the house and told him I was taking Colton in and to get Chris on the bus. We packed up and left ASAP. The drive in was the longest drive I had ever taken. So many things go through a mothers head when their children are sick. It is the most helpless feeling I have ever had. We arrive at the ER and thankfully it was empty. They take up back to triage immediately. Of course they ohh'd and ahhh'd over the cute baby and asked the typical questions. I was not in the mental state at that time to embellish on anything or tell them cute stories. Once we made it to the ER room, a PA came in quickly listened to little Colton's chest and said "He has RSV and will need to be admitted for observation, fluids, and breathing treatments". My heart sank and I held my tears back. I knew this meant IV's, not so nice treatments (at least not the way that mommy's treat their babies) and sleepless nights. The Nurses came in and out trying to make small talk and reassure me that he was in the best place. I knew that but it didn't help my heart. I prayed continuously for the process to be as painless and fast as it could be for Colton.

Three hours into the ER we didn't have a room to be admitted and the nurse said that Colton's Oxygen level was not good. With RSV the Bronchial tubes swell and constrict oxygen to the lungs. So they had to start oxygen. Yet again my heart sank and my prayers got more frequent.

Photo By of Aunt Dani
I will not go into all of the details of the ER and 2 day stay. It was a heart scaring experince for our whole family. Thankfully Colton will not remember it.

He is home with us now and doing 100% better. He has to continue breathing treatments at home and have many follow ups so that he doesn't regress.

With all of that being said, I will just be popping in and out until he is all better. I love and miss all of you but my obligation is to my family.

RSV is running high this season, while we were admitted so was 4 other babies and there were 2 leaving. If your little one is having any breathing issues or a cough take them into the doctors. It is nothing to mess around with.

I will return soon!