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Just A Few of My Favorite (MONEY SAVING) Things!

With our lovely Nifty Thrifty Lady taking care of her sick little ones (while trying to not get sick herself), she asked me to post on any topic I wanted. Oh jeesh, my mind went crazy! I used to post on retail deals but figured that we could use a break from thinking about shopping for the cold, winter season. Then I wondered about the upcoming holiday season and realized I didn't want to think about that yet, at least not until Halloween was over. So I poured myself a glass of iced tea and realized how much I LOVED my infuser I have and it lead me to sharing a few of the items around the house that I would not want to live without. Items that in the end save money!

So let's begin-

Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher

I will be honest this piece sat in my cupboard for about 3 months because I just couldn't think of what to do with it. I love fruit infused water but always forgot to pick up the fruit at the store, and I quite honestly didn't want a whole pitcher of it! So I decided to try making tea in the pitcher. AMAZING! I use 5 Lipton bags in the infuser portion and let it sit for about 3 hours. I add my sugar/splenda and then put it in the fridge. My husband said it's the best tea he has ever tasted (Thanks, Honey!).

How does this save money? Well, instead of buying the pre-made bottles of tea which can cost upwards of $1 each or buying an iced tea maker ($20-$25), you can purchase this pitcher for about $15.


The Living room holds lots of activities- a playroom for my 1 year old, the entertainment room for my husband and I, and a spare bed for guests. This multifunctional room holds one item that I was hesitant about buying but has saved us TONS of money!

The Roku is a tiny little box that allows you to stream "channels" right to your TV. When we moved from Florida to PA, my husband and I decided to do away with cable because it was ridiculously priced and we wanted to spend more time outdoors. So, the research guru my husband is, found the Roku. It has channels like PBS, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, FOX news, etc. Some are free and some you pay for. We have Amazon Prime (which I will elaborate more on later) and can stream TV shows and movies straight to our television. So, we have been cable-less for about 6 months now. I do miss my television shows but at the same time we have discovered some amazing new shows we can watch from the beginning!

How does this save money? Obviously, no monthly cable bill! Our average bill would have been close to $40 extra a month which equals about $480 a year on cable. Instead we spent $90 for the Roku at Best buy. We have amazon prime which costs $89 annually or $7.50 a month. We can upgrade to Netflix as well for just streaming for $4 a month. You do the math. It was a hard choice but one we are reaping the benefits from! My last item that I absolutely love is the....

Squooshi Pouches

These reusable pouches take the place of pouches like the go go squeeze pouches. There are lots of options in the reusable pouches field so find what option you like. We chose the Squooshi for 3 reasons.
1. My son loves the animals on them. There are monkeys, birds, penguins, etc. He laughs and smiles every time I give him one.
2. The reviews were phenomenal. They come in different sizes for different sized hands (2.5 oz and 4.5 oz), they didn't leak, and were easy to clean.
3. They were reasonably priced for what I was getting.

I used to buy 2 boxes of Go-Go squeeze at the grocery store a week which ended up costing about $20 a month. I paid $18 for the pack of 4 reusable pouches. In one month the pouches paid for themselves. Now I only pay for the apple or applesauce or yogurt that I want to put in them which is significantly less!

Finally a website I will recommend- Amazon Prime.

When we were preparing for Christmas last year we found this thing called Amazon Prime. I am always skeptical when my husband says he found something awesome online... I usually ask "how much is this costing us?" But this site has been amazing. Amazon Prime is through but has added benefits like Free 2 day shipping. Alone last year we saved a ton on shipping costs just by shopping from Amazon. If you want to upgrade to overnight shipping it costs $3.99 and if you decide you don't care when the item gets to you then you can downgrade to the regular shipping and get a credit to the online streaming of movies and TV. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are an online shopper!

What are your favorite items around the house and are they items that could help others save money?!

Thanks for reading!