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Tuesday Tip: How to Freeze Carrots

If you Checked out this week's Monday Match-ups Weis has their 16 oz Baby Carrots on sale for 1.00. This is a great price and in the money saving world a time when you would want to stock up. But carrots don't last forever or really more then two weeks in the refrigerator.  So freeze them!
I  have done a little homework on freezing carrots:)
Carrots freeze well, however, they will not thaw with the same crsipness if you like to eat them raw. 
I would freeze them to add to a dish or to cook for a side. If you want to eat them raw you are better off buying fresh.
So how do you freeze them?
There is much debate of this so I froze some!! I tried freezing them raw and blanched. They both thawed the same. Actually the ones that I just froze raw were a little crsip after thawing. 
If you are going to go the route of just freezing raw two suggestions:
1. Place in a freezer storage bag
2. Do not freeze for more then three months
If you are going to Blanch Carrots:
Peel, wash, and cut carrots
Bring a well salted pot of water to a boil
Add Carrots to water boiling for 2-5 mins
Place in a cold water bath 
If you would like the carrots to not bunch up when freezing lay out on a foil lined cooking sheet and freeze
Then transfer to a Freezer stoarge bag.

There you have it Freezing Carrots is simple:)

Is there something you would like to learn how to Freeze? Let me know!