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Tuesday's Tip: Weis Has E-Coupons!

It's the moment when you spot a great deal, your heart starts to pump a little faster, you turn your coupon binder pages with urgency to the section, and then you see need one more coupon to make the deal work! You scour the internet looking where it was, you ask your friends and neighbors. STOP! Well, stop if you are shopping at Weis.

Weis is now offering E-coupons for anyone with a loyalty card :) The process is very simple to enroll and even simpler to use.

Weis E-coupon Sign-up    

 This program is still in it's infancy, so, bare with the cliches, because in the end it will be a great resource to all couponers!

Important to note:
  1. Your coupons should double, unless marked on the coupon.
  2. These are manufacturers coupons and can not be stacked!
  3. You must have a loyalty card and Make in account to access the coupons 
  4. You can only use one e-Coupon for each product.

Let me know what you think of e-coupons and if you have any questions about setting them up.