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It's Tuesday so anything goes! WARNING the first part is a little rant!

It is Tuesday here at the Nifty Thrifty Lady and wow do I wish I could start this morning over again. I normally wake up on Tuesday's and get the little guy off to school and pack lunches for me and my husband. Then, once they are out the door I blog or scour the web for great deals for about an hour and am off to clean and get ready for work.
Well,today went more like this: My husband 20 minutes before the bus is to pick Chris up:"are you going to get Chris on the bus?" I was still sleeping away! As a was quickly fumbling out of bed to get my robe and slippers it hit me, I was still sleeping because I have a headache the size of Texas! Well, as all mommy's know there are not sick days, so I quickly went and woke Chris up. He is a really independent little guy so he dresses himself and get everything ready for school in the mornings. He was dressed and ready to go in 7 minutes flat! I was still struggling to get lunches packed when my husband walks by to go out the door. I hand him his lunch and he says "There is training today so they provide lunch for us." Really, on a normal day when My Head was not throbbing and my instincts weren't telling me it was going to be a bad day, him saying he didn't need a lunch would not have mattered at all! In the fridge it would go and he could grab it tomorrow. Needless to say I didn't really have to much time to worry about that, Chris's bus was pulling up three minutes early and he was still getting his jacket on. So, I threw open the door and pulled the jacket on him and sent him on his way. I wish I could say I was writing this post from bed and that I had the rest of the day to recover but that is not the case. There is a staff meeting and work to go to today, so Tylenol will have to do!  Thanks for listening, So are you ready for the real post! ?

I am going to be an Aunt! You may have already know this if you read my sister's creative birth announcement! If not check it out! That means that I get to do my sisterly duty and have the baby shower! I love, love, love to plan parties! I am in love with making them look and feel high end but not spending much money at all! So I wanted to share with you a little series more like a journal of how to host a great but inexpensive baby shower! I will say journel because as I get idea's and great find's I will be sharing them with you on Tuesday's! So there will not be any real order to the post's you just have to follow along ;)
Today, I wanted to share how to find great serving ware! I found a great buy at a local store that gave me the overall theme for the shower!

After Christmas I visited our local Peir 1 store. I don't always shop their but, have been finding some great deals when I do so, I stopped in. I NEVER BUY SOMETHING FULL PRICE THERE! It is just way out of my price range. I hit the clearance spots toward the back right of the store and man am I glad I did! I was able to score all of this: (The card stock was bought at AC moores !)

I purchased everything for a little under 21.00!

The bowl's were my inspiration for the theme! How cute are they? There is a chance the gender will not be known when the shower happens so they are a great unisex color! I got all of these for around 1.00 a piece!

I can't tell you how much I love this bowl and it was only 3.98!

The servingware is all I will need to purchase because I am going to use things I already have or borrow from family! I just wanted a few unique piece's that would coordinate with the theme or in this case give me one!

Other suggestions on were to find inexpensive servingware:

Big Lots
Party City (Random seasonal things on clearance through out the year)
Dollar Tree
Christmas Tree shop

I am very excited to be sharing some cheap party tip's with you! Do you have any? We love to hear from you! Until next time,

Happy Savings
The Nifty Thrifty Lady