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Tuesday's Tip: Planning for free or cheap summer fun

There is less then one month of school left!! Yay for the kids and moms...well it's go time! Start planning and researching for free or cheap things to do during the summer months.

This will be my first summer home so I am hitting the internet hard to find fun ideas for days home and also great free or really cheap events! I am going to make a fun decorated calender for my oldest and present it to him the week before school is out so he can get excited about all of the thing we will be doing over the summer! Some of the things include chores and work in the garden with may not be fun, but it is a rewarding experience for him.

One of the things I have planned for me and my oldest is to attend Leitersburg Cinemas! They will be having select $1.00 movies throughout the summer! And of course I have the list for you so you can plan ahead too!