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Learn how to Save Money on your Engery Costs!

I am so excited to tell everyone about this! I had the pleasure of listening to Katrina present information about Ambit Energy AND fantastic,useful tips on how to save money at last years Get a L.I.F.E frugal living workshop.

Today I wanted to share Ambit Energy with you.

Maryland has recently become a deregulated state (big terms I know) basically an energy company can no long hold all the eggs in one basket or provide, service, and supply energy. They are only allowed to offer 2 services out of 3. I am betting you didn't know that and that folks is what the big energy companies want!

Our local energy company has decided that it will let other companies provide a source of energy. That is where Ambit Energy comes in!

If you want to hear more or would like to start saving today:
Contact Katrina
Business website:
Business Contact Information: 240-818-8019 or
Brief Description of Business: We provide electricity and natural gas to consumers at a discounted rate.
No contracts, fees to switch and no change in service, just lower energy bills every month! P.S. I was again was not paid to write this post. This information is strictly for your knowledge and benefit to live a fun, frugal and balanced life :)