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One Deal a Day: Lego Club Magazine

Starting today and going until Black Friday The Nifty Thrifty Lady will be posting 1 Deal a Day to help you save on the cost of Christmas. These deals can be anything from a great sale on toys to a freebie you can snag in the mail! Every little bit helps during the Holiday Season! Let's make this year our thriftiest yet!

Free Subscription to the Lego Club Magazine
This freebie is around all year long but if you haven't taken advantage of it yet now is the perfect time to do so! 

The Lego Club Magazine come 6 times a year and is age appropriate for children 4-12. My son loves getting mail and this magazine is one of his favorites!

Our Lego magazine  just happened to come in the mail yesterday so I wanted to be sure to share this great freebie!


Boy's and thier Toy's (well Lego's)

 I did this last your as a Christmas Present to my 5 year old and he loves getting it in the mail!

Click Here to get your child a free subscription to Lego Club Magazine! The Lego Club Magazine will come 6 times a year and is based upon your child's age. The magazines include building challenges, comics, activities, puzzles, and much more! What a great and Thrifty Christmas idea for a child of any age!