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It's Tuesday....anything goes!

Tuesday's and Thursday's seem to be such an off day here at the Ward house. I am not sure if it's because these day's are close to the beginning and end of the week or if it's the addition of soccer practice that has thrown the day off. Practice is not really a big deal, just about a two hour chunk of time where Chris is on a field and I am on the side lines trying to watch and catch up on coupon organizing or paper work (I do watch him and cheer him, I promise). I have also recently just started my new job as a stay at home mom, so there is a lot of readjusting and scheduling that needs to take place. Maybe, it's just about finding a new rhythm and going with it! Whatever it maybe today is Tuesday and here at the Nifty Thrifty Lady anything goes. So, occasionally you get to hear a little rant from me :) PLEASE, feel free to weight in (positively please) or share your own rant!  With all of that being said, a project I have been working on to help manage Tuesday's, Thursdays, well any day of the week is a home Management binder. It was a Pinterest/Money saving blog inspiration. I have been working out of it now for about 2 months, but am  just recently seeing the major benefits! What is a Home Management binder? Simply put it's a binder with just about all the info you would need to help your day run smoothly, ex. planner, lunch/dinner meal plan, kids schedules, family budget, special events, receipts, take out menu's, housekeeping tasks. It's a one stop binder to everything that makes the house run.  I was very skeptical about trying to put this together and implementing in the house because:

1. I have a terrible time using one thing to do anything. I have a physical planner and a Google calendar, and a chalk board to keep track of events.

2. It takes time to place things in the binder and I can't let it just pile up on my mail center anymore! (that is probably not a valid reason, but time is precious!)

This little binder is a huge help though and in my world saves me both TIME and MONEY!

 Here's a little peek at what my binder looks like:

Here are the sites that I used to create mine. I will post more on this handy binder in the near future, today I just wanted to introduce the concept to everyone and thank the ladies that already made them!

365 Days of Pinterest Creations 
Imperfect homemaking

I have made some of printables of my own and will make them avaiable over the next couple of days!

I want to hear from you though! Do you use a home management system? Please share, idea's, tips, and where you found your ideas!

Happy Organizing!