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It's Tuesday so anything goes!

I don't know about your house hold but at the Ward's every family member eats a different cereal. Yes, we all like some of the same cereals, but we never seem to like them when another person is eating it. What exactly is my point? Three open boxes of cereal usually means they won't be eaten before they go stale! Stale food means money wasted and that is not Nifty for Thrifty!  My solution to this problem, with out enforcing a rule that everyone eats the same box of cereal until it's gone is inexpensive Tupperware containers with labels. There are many reasons it very efficient to use  clear tupperware containers for an food products.

1. You will have a good visual to how much of an item is left, to either refill or replace
2. You can easily label or relabel
3. Your food will stay fresh longer
4. Your shelves/fridge will feel and look more organized Here are the cereal containers I found and how I labeled them:

 This is the finished product...see three boxes of cereal!

You will need:
A tupperware container of any kind (think ollies or big lots or clearance)
A hot glue gun or some form of adhesieve
label rings (craft stores/ollies in scrapbooking section)

What to do:
Simply add hot glue to the back of label ring covering the bottom half only so there is room to insert label
apply to front of tuppeware
let dry
Label paper and insert in holder

No more stale cereal and no more throwing out money!

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Happy Savings
The Nifty Thrifty Lady