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I love blogging on Tuesdays!  Well, sometimes I don't even write the post, a contributor does. However, finding them and learning something new is always great! This week I don't have a contributor :( I get to create an anything goes post!

I decided that I would update friends, family, and any soon-to-be frugal mommies, of the progress on Baby Colton's nursery. Yes, we are expecting baby # 2 in less then three weeks! Time has flew by- and oddly enough that is the theme for Colton's Nursery- Airplanes (with a little nautical touch)!

I tried really hard to keep everything thrifty, low cost, or an upcycled. Even purchasing our crib was a planned strategy to save the most money! Here are some photo's and there are a couple how-to's coming in the near future on some of the wall hangings!


The feeding area
 The blue bookshelf was from my parents, it has glass sliding doors and was a brown laminate finish. After removing the doors and some primer and paint it is perfect to store his books. Total cost was 8.00. I also picked up the red, white, and blue storage bins at Micheal's craft store on sale and with a coupon they were around 5.00 for all three. The lamp was an awesome yard sale find for 10.00 that was a splurge :) The curtains were in the room and happen to go nicely with the decor, so I did not feel the need to change them. Finally, the glider was a given to use from my sister-in-law. They were not in need of it at this time and were kind enough to let us use it! 
Airplane shelf

 This find has been my FAVORITE! I was browsing a local Facebook yard sale for kid's items and found this shelf for 5.00!! I loved it and know that one day Colton or Chris will think it's as awesome as I do!
Changing area

 This area is still missing a shelf with hooks and changing pad cover, still trying to find a thrifty way to get that done. The changing table was Christopher's, it is not in the best condition, but, it works and will be be useful for the how long we will need it. The diaper pail was purchased for 8.00 at a local consingment sale. The pinwheels were from Khol's , when they send out the 10.00 gift cards towards any purchase!
The Crib
 The Crib is new. The bedding is new. The bobby is new. This in the little area that cost the most! The crib is from target. I have a Target Red Card (debit). Which saves you 5% everytime you make a purchase with it, this in combo with saving up the gift cards I get for the weekly deals and one my sister sent me, on top of the baby sale made it a little over 100.00! The bedding is sailboats, because I could not make my own or pay the high price for an airplane set! I was shopping at Ross one day and this set was there for 59.99. I bought it as soon as I seen because I knew it was what I was waiting on! The Boppy was a present from my in-laws who was savvy and got it off of Kids Woot!
Dresser area
This area was a fun DIY. My wonderful sister made the Airplanes for my shower, hopefully I will get her to share the pattern. The Pictures are from a table top book from Ollies that was 6.99, but of course I had a coupon for 15% a purchase. The Dresser is dear to my heart, it was mine as a child and my grandfather made it for me. The 31 bag was an awesome present from a co-worker! 

Well folks, there you have it. Let me know what you think!

Happy decorating on the cheap!

The Nifty Thrifty Lady