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January Meal Plans, Plus my Favorite Recipes

welcome to January's Monthly Meal Plan! I updated my planning just a little here are the new highlighted items.

My highlighted sections are for
  • Special events- times when we will not be home for a meal, vacations, birthdays ect I also write the special event out at the top of the day because sometimes this can sway you from making a 4 course dinner to just popping in a pizza!
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
Here is how I meal plan meals for a month and stick to my $150.00 grocery budget. 
Here is how I buy meat and stock up.

This month my meal plans reflect some of my 2014 goals, mainly eating more healthy and focusing on spending less and saving more. My mini goals for January are:
  1. No soda
  2. Healthier snacks
  3. Use my freezer and pantry items more to use up older items and lower the grocery list
Here are some of the recipes I will be using:
3 bean enchiladas ( I made mine 2 bean and used crean cheese in place of the cream of chicken)
2 ingredient pumpkin muffin I will be freezing some for easy morning meals

Okay folks that wraps up another yummy month of meal plans! 
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