Who Uses SAP BPC?

SAP BPC Used by

Business End Users:

Business end clients are normally the clients will’s identity accountable for the financials created inside BPC. They know about the diverse procedures however may not comprehend the specialized subtleties or how each procedure is coded and modified. Not all business end clients may utilize the BPC framework; they may just expend its monetary data. Here are some run of the mill business end client bunches one may discover in an organization.

FP& A Group: The FP& A (monetary arranging and examination) gathering of each organization may utilize SAP BPC to direct different exercises for their day by day exercises. These exercises incorporate however not constrained to:

Arranging and Forecasting – FP& A gatherings utilize the arranging and anticipating abilities of SAP BPC to get ready for future financials just as contrast genuine with arranged and estimated financials.

The board Reporting – Reporting of monetary outcomes created in BPC and designed into diagnostic reports to be introduced to supervisory group

Data assembled in BPC can likewise be snared to other EPM instruments, for example, Business Objects Dashboard, Crystal Reports, and other answering to the board

Controlling and Accounting Group: The controlling and bookkeeping gatherings of each organization may utilize SAP BPC to perform lawful money related unions. The controlling and bookkeeping gathering will deliver merged budget reports from the data and procedures built up in SAP BPC

Duty Group: The expense gather for the most part utilizes BPC to ascertain assessment and expense saves dependent on independent or united budgetary outcomes. The data utilized by the expense gathering can be a mix of data required by the FP& An and Controlling gatherings of an organization.

Bolster Teams:

Bolster groups are normally the framework managers and other IT related work force who keep up the specialized side of SAP BPC. They work with the business end clients to guarantee that the framework is playing out the manner in which the business clients need and mirrors the data that the business clients require.

♦ Master Data Maintenance (MDM): Master information support group normally handles the progressions and updates required for each measurement required for each SAP BPC condition. (for example including another substance, changing the portrayal of a record, and so forth.)

♦ Security: Security group deals with the majority of the general population who need access to SAP BPC, sort of access they need, and what confinements are vital. (for example John Smith should be provisioned for a framework ID and ought to have the element get ready job with access to element 1 and 2)

♦ BW or BI: Business Warehouse (BW) or BI (Business Intelligence) bunches are required on the grounds that BPC is based over a BW part of SAP. The BW or BI groups are there to deal with any issues touching base with handling of data commenced in BPC however prepared in the BW layer or to manufacture any custom tables to be bolstered into the BPC framework (for example YTD budgetary tables).

♦ BASIS: The BASIS group is the group that guarantees the product and equipment segments of BPC are introduced effectively and associations with servers are steady. The BASIS bolster group is there to make update any patches to the product or change the equipment assets. Know More about sap mobile platform


Advisors are generally included when a BPC venture is being actualized in an organization. Their main responsibility is to accumulate prerequisites, draftsman an answer, plan, assemble, test, and convey the arrangement related to business clients. There are ordinarily various specialists who are associated with an execution; we can isolate them into 2 sorts of experts.