You can watch movies online Free & Paid

The video rental period has passed. Buying a DVD to watch the film once only does not want you to. In addition, the new titles on Slovakia come with a fairly long delay over the world premieres. What is the option? Watch the movie online. Everyone immediately thinks it’s illegal and shuts you up when you get dark. You may not have known that watching a movie on the web is legal, so you simply pay for viewing. Surprise, though?

Paid services & Free Service


Probably the best-known paid online content service. It is primarily used as an archive of TV Markíza programs, but it also offers various films, but these are few compared to the competition. Older titles can also be viewed for free. The newer ones, which were certainly on TV, for a fee. You can not find the complete news on the web even if you have spilled the whole mousse. Premium movie fees are priced at different levels, but not more than € 2.30 per film. The standard subscription is € 5.99 per month. The service is available for web browsers, iOS and some Smart TVs.


iTunes Store

iTunes is a service better known for Apple’s owners. They are used to purchase music, as well as films and their online watch. There are two options for movies. 30-day rental for about 5 EUR depending on the selected title or direct purchase of the movie when it will be stored on your disc forever. Purchase is approximately three times more expensive than renting. The price also depends on quality, so the lower is logically cheaper than the HD movie. But watch SD movie on the Retina display, you probably do not want to. Most Czech and Slovak subtitles are available for most of the films, and many titles can be found in the same Czech or Slovak dubbing. The service is available. Free Watch online movies at

for all Apple devices, but also for Windows via iTunes. By the way, Apple’s iTunes is the most downloaded program for Windows :).



Topfun Portal can be regarded as Voyo’s competitor with a bit of a view, since it works under the wings of Joj. With Topfun you have several options again. The first is to borrow the particular movie you are interested in. Renting one title costs from 1 EUR to 2,10 EUR. There are also monthly packages, namely two. The cheaper Topfun Start costs 2 Euro per month and includes 50 films. Topfun Nonstop costs 8 Eur per month and offers access to all web content, including HD and Full HD movies.

The service is available for virtually all devices from web browsers to iOS and Android.